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org::codehaus::gant::ant::tests::Gant_Test Class Reference

Inherits junit::framework::TestCase.

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Detailed Description

Unit tests for the Gant Ant task. In order to test things appropriately this test must be initiated without any of the Groovy, Gant or related jars in the class path. Also of course it must be a JUnit test with no connection to Groovy or Gant.

Russel Winder

Definition at line 38 of file Gant_Test.java.

Public Member Functions

void testBasedirInSubdir ()
void testDefaultFileDefaultTarget ()
void testDefaultFileNamedTarget ()
void testGantWithParametersAsNestedTags ()
void testMissingGantfile ()
void testMultipleGantTargets ()
void testNamedFileDefaultTarget ()
void testNamedFileNamedTarget ()
void testRunningAntFromShellFailsNoClasspath ()
void testRunningAntFromShellSuccessful ()
void testTaskdefVerifyError ()
void testUnknownTarget ()

Static Public Attributes

static String returnValue

Protected Member Functions

void setUp () throws Exception

Private Member Functions

String createBaseMessage ()
String runAnt (final String xmlFile, final int expectedReturnCode, final boolean withClasspath)
String trimTimeFromSuccessfulBuild (final String message)

Private Attributes

final File antFile = new File ( path , "gantTest.xml" )
final String path = "src/test/groovy/org/codehaus/gant/ant/tests"
Project project

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