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Object org::codehaus::gant::GantMetaClass::invokeMethod ( final Class  sender,
final Object  receiver,
final String  methodName,
final Object[]  arguments,
final boolean  isCallToSuper,
final boolean  fromInsideClass 
) [inline]

Invoke a method on the given receiver for the specified arguments. The sender is the class that invoked the method on the object. Attempt to establish the method to invoke based on the name and arguments provided.

The isCallToSuper and fromInsideClass help the Groovy runtime perform optimizations on the call to go directly to the superclass if necessary.

sender The java.lang.Class instance that invoked the method.
receiver The object which the method was invoked on.
methodName The name of the method.
arguments The arguments to the method.
isCallToSuper Whether the method is a call to a superclass method.
fromInsideClass Whether the call was invoked from the inside or the outside of the class.
The return value of the method

Definition at line 187 of file GantMetaClass.java.

References invokeMethod().

    return invokeMethod ( receiver , methodName , arguments ) ;

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